After many years of being what
I believed to be a ‘good client’, when it came to creating my
own branding I turned into the client-from-hell – indecisive
and uninspired!  If you don’t
buy the following rationale about
the design of my identity then
at least look at it as an example
of how I think and write!

I love gardening and everything it  involves – being outdoors, the
planning and anticipation, the fact
it’s a bit of an outlet for my
creativity and growing some great
tasting food. I also think there
maybe some synergies between
gardening, the world of marketing
communications and the services
I’m offering…

  1. Workloads can vary and be

  seasonal, so you quite often need

  some help during busy times or for

  specific jobs, but you don’t need it

  all year round.

  1. Some jobs are skilled needing an

  experienced specialist, whilst

  some are just time consuming and

  hard work, but if you enjoy it and

  know what you’re doing these

  labour intensive tasks can take

  half the time.

  1.   Getting the detail right for

  individual projects is important but

  the underlying structure or plan

  needs to be thought through and

  established to ensure the end

  results fit in with everything else

  you’re doing and want to achieve.

  1. So many things – many of which

  may be outside of your control -

  can influence how successful you

  are, understanding what these are

  in the planning stages can save

  a lot of wasted time, effort and